The inspiration behind “le vigne bio” stems from a long tradition in the organic wine production sector.

The owner of the winebar, Severino Oberto, oenologist and former co-owner of the Erbaluna estate in La Morra, has drawn on his experience as a producer of organic wines for the creation of this winebar.

After graduating in oenology in 1985, he and his brother Andrea converted the family estate to organic farming, gaining certification in 1993. For 25 years, Severino has participated in fairs such as MILLESIME BIO, BIOFACH, PROWEIN and VINITALY, and this has enabled him to get to know other producers and to taste their organic wines.

After leaving the family estate in 2011, he decided to set up a new business, continuing to pursue the organic route. With ”le vigne bio”, he has created a place which offers a selection of the world’s finest certified wines, accompanied by cured meats, cheeses and everything else that pairs well with organic wine.



With the aid of Severino’s friend, Valerio Rossi, who just happens to be an extremely talented architect, we have created a setting that is both modern and relaxing. Mostly natural materials like wood and iron have been used, to make the winebar look as natural as possible. The architecture and furnishings are inspired by the winegrowing world, with the railings of the interior staircase are made from vineyard posts and wires and the old well reminiscent of the containers in which the winegrowers used to mix copper and lime together to use as a treatment for the vines.

The venue is arranged on three levels and is fully accessible to wheelchair users. 

The entrance is on the ground floor, where there is a bar and an area for preparing cold dishes and sandwiches. Two display cabinets and a display/refrigerator contain all the foodstuffs, etc. used and available for sale. Both the cellar and the first floor are accessible from here.

Modern Plexiglas shelving in the cellar houses about 200 still and sparkling wines from all over the world. A constant temperature and the absence of natural light allow the conservation of rare and valuable bottles, like the collection of Barolo dating from 1958, which Severino Oberto’s father and grandfather produced in the family cellar in the Annunziata area of La Morra.

The bright and spacious first floor offers seating for about 40 and there is a large, solid oak table to seat groups of people who wish to pass a pleasant evening together. There are also two small lounge areas with comfortable armchairs and poufs, from which you can admire the view of the historical square of La Morra. Large windows which were once open arches make your time at “le vigne bio” unique. A terracotta statue of the Holy Virgin, which dates back to the 18th century and has been here for at least a hundred years, completes the façade of the building.

The room is equipped with a projector and screen that can be used for meetings, presentations and tasting courses.

The room can also be hired for private parties, Christenings and wedding receptions.


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